Evolving a cross-border ecosystem with renewable hydrogen

Evolving a cross-border ecosystem with renewable hydrogen

Jurij Giacomelli, META Circularity’s CEO, during the presentation of the initial steps of the MTF on 26th October 2023


The MTF Survey was initiated to identify communication target audiences and dissemination target groups, as well as to identify communication and dissemination channels to be made available to the NAHV partners

In the initial stage, the role of the Media Task Force (MTF) is to contribute to the preparation of the Communication and Dissemination Plan and to activate available communication and dissemination channels. The MTF will support the communication activities by the continual preparation of content related to all relevant activities for the different target publics of the NAHV, and will support the dissemination activities of the NAHV’s results to its relevant target groups. 

META Circularity, the NAHV’s C&D manager, is coordinating the MTF as part of the responsibilities of Work Package 7: Communication, Dissemination and Education in the NAHV. More than 30 participants were present at the meeting.

The first task to be undertaken by the Media Task Force is to implement an internal survey of the partners’ target groups for communication and the dissemination of results. The feedback received through this survey is to be followed by one-on-one interviews, to be used for the finalisation of the Media and Communication Toolkit and the completion of the Communication and Dissemination Plan.

Meanwhile, the NAHV website’s features ( have been extended by a fully functional Partners’ Area, accessible only to the internal participants of the NAHV. The Partners’ Area works as a document exchange and repository for all the participants of the project, making sure that confidentiality is guaranteed. The participants have already received the necessary requirements to access the Partners’ Area.

The NAHV website is now supported by the social media channels LinkedIn and X (formerly Twitter). The first edition of the NAHV Newsletter is expected in November 2023. All these activities are leading to the completion of the Communication and Dissemination Toolbox.

All NAHV partners and stakeholders are invited to contribute by sending any relevant news or information about events or research to the members of the Media Task Force within their organisations, or directly to

Needless to say, the use of the NAHV logo and any engagement in the name of the NAHV with external events must be coordinated in a timely manner with the C&D manager.

The Media Task Force will meet on a monthly basis.

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