Evolving a cross-border ecosystem with renewable hydrogen

Evolving a cross-border ecosystem with renewable hydrogen

Demonstration/Testbed Projects

The project will activate 17 testbed applications in their related ecosystems, clustered in three main pillars – the hard-to-abate
industries and the energy and transport sectors
. These will act as real-life cases for piloting global hydrogen markets, moving from TRL 6 at the
beginning to TRL 8 by the end of the project.


Four fuel cell applications in the energy and transport sectors will be demonstrated. Testbeds will then be scaled up to industrial level as a replicable model, contributing to the decarbonisation of the three territories by harnessing renewables to improve system resilience, security of supply, and
energy independence.


These testbeds will be further developed by the companies to scale them up to the industrial/operational level. The “core testbed projects” are integrated into a mature ecosystem which has been working for decades in the hydrogen economy, and within which several relevant initiatives funded by European, national and regional funds are already being led by industry players in the three countries constituting the wide NAHV ecosystem. The project has also received broader support in the form of a LoI from Eurelectric, a leading association of utilities and electricity distributors in Europe, and from 40+ other organisations.