Evolving a cross-border ecosystem with renewable hydrogen
Evolving a cross-border ecosystem with renewable hydrogen

Stephen Taylor, Strategic Coordinator of the NAHV, and representatives of two NAHV’s partners: Ana Mareschi Danieli, Group Executive and Board Member of DANIELI & C SPA, and Aleksander Gerbec, Founder & CEO, Ecubes, took part at the Transcontinental Hydrogen Valley Roundtable in Davos on 18th January 2024.


Collaborating for the Future: Educating and Innovating to De-risk Large-Scale Hydrogen Projects

This exclusive event with participation from representatives of the North Adriatic Hydrogen Valley in Europe and Middle East spotlighted clean hydrogen’s key role in shaping a sustainable world. Recognised by the European Union as a fundamental element in achieving climate neutrality, clean hydrogen is not just essential for sustainable energy but is also a keystone in the pursuit of global peace. Its remarkable efficiency in storing and delivering renewable energy positions it as a cornerstone in reducing carbon footprints and fostering sustainable energy solutions. 

Of inclusive nature, this roundtable was dedicated to catalysing a sweeping green energy transition through transcontinental collaboration.

The creation of a Transcontinental Hydrogen Valley requires a grand convergence of knowledge, policy, and investment. Educators will shape the minds that innovate in this field, policymakers will lay the groundwork for its development, and investors will bring the necessary resources to make this vision a reality.

Key Questions discussed in this roundtable were: 

  • How can clean hydrogen revolutionise various industries and the global energy landscape?
  • What challenges and opportunities lie in educating the next generation about hydrogen technology?
  • How can investors and collaborators help scale up hydrogen projects, and what are the potential returns?

A dynamic blend of presentations and Q&As stimulated thought-provoking discussions, fostering a vibrant and insightful exchange of ideas and kick-starting of transcontinental collaborations.



TimeAgenda ItemSpeaker
09:15-09:30 Doors open 
09:30-09:35Welcoming Remarks – Welcome to the Future of CollaborationYip ThyDiep Ta, CEO, J3D.AI
09:35-09:45Opening Keynote – The Future of HydrogenKeynote speaker – TBC
09:45-09:55The Global Hydrogen Industry RevolutionJuan Pablo DavilaIndustrial development Officer, Climate and technology partnership division, UNIDO 
09:55-10:10The 1st transnational EU collaboration North Adriatic Hydrogen Valley – Insights & LearningsStephen Taylor, Strategic Coordinator of the NAHV
10:10-10:20 Majid Jafar, CEO at Crescent Petroleu
10:20-10:35RePowering economies with HydrogenJorgo Chatzimarkakis, CEO at Hydrogen Europe 
10:35-10:45 Cornelius Matthes, CEO at MENA Hydrogen Alliance 
10:45-10:55Unlocking Youth & Education as Transformation Forces – Insights from H2STUDENT at COP28Shamah El Sayed, Head for Education at International Renewables Energy Agency (IRENA) 

Ana Mareschi Danieli, Group Executive, Board Member, DANIELI & C SPA

11:05-11:15Outlook: The Transcontinental Hydrogen Valley collaboration Aleksander Gerbec Founder & CEO, Ecubes
11:15-11:30Closing & Open NetworkingAll

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