Evolving a cross-border ecosystem with renewable hydrogen
Evolving a cross-border ecosystem with renewable hydrogen

On April 9, 2024, Aleksander Gerbec, the founder and CEO of Ecubes, presented the NAHV at the 2nd Budapest CEE Hydrogen Forum, a CESP1-organised side event of the Budapest Hydrogen Summit.

This half-day forum focused on exploring hydrogen technology, imports, and fostering regional development in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), building on the success of the previous year’s event.

Gerbec provided an overview of the event, stating, “The focus of the recent forum predominantly revolved around Hydrogen Valley projects within the CEE region. However, this year’s event commenced with a discussion on hydrogen import potential and technology suppliers in the first segment. The subsequent section showcased projects from key stakeholders in the CEE region. A notable feature of the forum was its commitment to fostering interactive discussions, soliciting feedback, posing insightful questions, and facilitating professional and business networking opportunities.

The thematic choice for the Forum’s initial segment stemmed from the recent unveiling of Europe’s largest “green” hydrogen import terminal in the CEE region, specifically in Krk, Croatia. Additionally, the EU’s substantial commitment of 2 billion euros for the upstream sector is poised to significantly influence the regional hydrogen landscape. The utilisation of waterway transport on the Danube River for hydrogen and its derivatives was also a key point of discussion.

The latter part of the CEE Hydrogen Forum showcased developers of prominent hydrogen projects across CEE countries, with each country presenting a distinguished project. This segment accentuated local hydrogen production and consumption aspects, as well as import opportunities and the potential for cross-border collaboration within the region.

Firstly, I have introduced the North Adriatic Hydrogen Valley (NAHV) initiative. I have highlighted the commitment from the European Commission to invest €2 billion in a project in Brazil aimed at shipping green ammonia to the island of Krk. Furthermore, I have provided an overview of the latest developments, including the North Adriatic Clean Hydrogen Infrastructure Project (NACHIP).

Secondly, I have extended invitations for collaboration on various levels, including participation as members of the Stakeholder Advisory Forum within NAHV, engagement as partners or investors in the NACHIP initiative, and potential involvement as consortia partners in the Zero Emission Mobility Corridor North Adriatic.”

2nd CEE Hydrogen Forum
Image Source: CEENERGY NEWS: 2nd CEE Hydrogen Forum

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