Evolving a cross-border ecosystem with renewable hydrogen

Evolving a cross-border ecosystem with renewable hydrogen
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North Adriatic Clean Hydrogen Investment Platform (NACHIP) strengthens the evolving North Adriatic Hydrogen Ecosystem - Ljubljana – Zagreb – Trieste, 8th April 2024
Ljubljana – Zagreb – Trieste, 8th April 2024 The European Commission has approved the second major project for the development of the North Adriatic Hydrogen...
Zagreb12th April
NAHV: Charting the course: Milestones, synergies and the road ahead - 12th April 2024 in Zagreb
On 12th April 2024 the NAHV project will be showcased at the Italian Research Day held in Zagreb, Croatia organised by The Embassy of Italy and the Croatian...
NAHV at Budapest CEE Hydrogen Forum
Aleksander Gerbec, Founder & CEO, Ecubes, will present the NAHV at the 2nd Budapest CEE Hydrogen Forum on 9th April 2024. NAHV will be represented...
Stephen Taylor, NAHV Joint Working Group coordingator
NAHV supports the Hydrogen's Valleys Forum held on Monday, 18th March 2024 in Zagreb Westin Hotel
NAHV’s Coordinator Jerneja Sedlar, Head of Development department, HSE speaked at the Hydrogen’s...
Transcontinental Hydrogen Breakfast Roundtable
NAHV partners at Transcontinental Hydrogen Valley Roundtable in Davos
Stephen Taylor, Strategic Coordinator of the NAHV, and representatives of two NAHV’s partners: Ana Mareschi...
Signing of the list of five joint research projects
NAHV at Science and Innovation Day in Rome on 5th December 2023
At the occasion of Science and Innovation Day between Italy and Slovenia, organised on 5th December 2023...
The role of the research in the NAHV ecosystem as a part of GIMS Connect Roadshow 2023 in Trieste
Palace of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia On 14th November 2023, the topic “The...
EU Hydrogen Research Days 2023_cover
NAHV at EU Hydrogen Research Days 2023 in Brussels, 15-16th November 2023
The EU Hydrogen Research Days will be organized by the Clean Hydrogen JU on 15-16th November 2023. The...
Video: Hydrogen Valleys in Europe The Clean Hydrogen Partnership recently published a video...

NAHV: the creation of a hydrogen-based economic, social and industrial ecosystem

The North Adriatic Hydrogen Valley – NAHV project builds on the LoI signed in March 2022 by representatives of the Slovenian Ministry of Infrastructure, Croatian Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and Friuli Venezia Giulia (FVG) Autonomous Region in Italy, contributing to the European Green Deal and European Hydrogen Strategy goals. The project’s high-level objective is the creation of a hydrogen-based economic, social and industrial ecosystem based on the capacity of the quadruple helix actors. This will drive economic growth, generating new job opportunities in the framework of both the green and digital transitions and, by creating the conditions for wider EU replicability, it will contribute to the creation of a European Hydrogen Economy…

Kick-Off Project Meeting-42
Stephen J. Taylor, Strategic Coordinator, Joint Working Group
Stephen J. Taylor, Strategic Coordinator, Joint Working Group

NAHV's objectives and ambition

Renewable Hydrogen is universally considered to be an important energy vector for combating climate change.
It enables the decarbonization of hard-to-abate sectors, acting as a no emission fuel with a vast potential for industrial development and job creation. Its benefits are also acknowledged through the many dedicated national hydrogen (H2) strategies that have been published globally in recent years. Simultaneously, the emergence of a hydrogen market economically stimulates regions where hydrogen is produced, and associated technologies are deployed by creating new jobs and showcasing the regions as environmental forerunners…

FAQ about the NAHV

Discover essential insights about the NAHV project in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Whether you’re seeking information as a project contributor or simply curious about NAHV, this resource is tailored to address common inquiries. Uncover details about the project’s objectives, key features, and how you can actively engage. Navigate through our curated responses to frequently encountered questions to gain a comprehensive understanding of the NAHV initiative. Should you have specific queries not covered here, our dedicated support team is ready to provide personalized assistance. Empower your involvement with NAHV by delving into the insights offered in this FAQ section, designed to enhance your knowledge and participation in the project.

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